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Day 9, August 17, 2014 Chen Family Temple/ LuiHua Lake Park / Pool / Cantonese dinner

DSC_9621Today we headed out for a little culture and visited the Chen Family Temple. It is beautiful Cantonese style architecture, composed of six courtyards, nine main halls and nineteen buildings. It was built between 1890-1894 and the original function was to pay tribute the Chen’s ancestors, later, it was used as an academy.IMG_4017DSC_9622 DSC_9624 DSC_9625 DSC_9629 DSC_9637 DSC_9638 DSC_9639 DSC_9650 DSC_9653

IMG_5702 IMG_5580 IMG_5586 IMG_5701

Visiting the Chen Family Temple 9 years ago


It is now the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Walking in the temple you see a lot if folk art and handicrafts, including enameling, embroidery, porcelain, lacquer work, paper cutting, watercolor and exquisite carvings. My personal favorite is watching the same local artist that was here 9 years ago create beautiful art work and scenes by using ink on the palm and side of his hand and fingers. It’s such a beautiful art to witness. Jim picked out a scene we purchased and Zoe chose a bookmark.

We headed out and on the way some decided to try the sugarcane juice being sold on the corner.  I wasn’t taking any chances.  No stomach issues so far and I don’t want to risk it unnecessarily 🙂DSC_9657 DSC_9658 DSC_9659 DSC_9660

We loaded up in the van and headed over to LuiHua Lake Park. We visited here with Samuel 9 years ago on a free day and had sweet memories so we requested a return visit. Right as we entered the park a group of ladies were being taught a dance class. Our crew eagerly joined them in what turned out to be a salsa style dance. They all had fun and I got some great video 🙂

DSC_9669 DSC_9691 DSC_9692 DSC_9696 DSC_9698We strolled through the park enjoying the beautiful gardens and shade. It’s HOT!!! I don’t ever remember sweating like I have here, literally being sopping wet. Carrying this big back pack doesn’t help. We enjoyed several other musicians throughout the park as well and a karaoke like set up under a tree where local musicians and singers took turns creating beautiful music together. We made it to the area of the park where they rent small boats and Samuel and I got in one and Sk got luckily enough to set sail with JC and Jim. The rest chose to hang out at the ping pong table and outdoor gym area. It was a fun 30 minutes slowly cruising the lake and trying to stay clear of JC who thought we were in bumper boats. After our ride we tried out the exercise equipment before making our way to the oak exit. On the way we passed a playground and small amusement park area. In an area surrounded by high rise after high rise it was an enjoyable time outside enjoying some beautiful scenery!

We returned to the hotel around lunch, had food in the room and then I took Jim and Samuel to the pool while John ventured out with SK and JC in search of a Nike store with a Chinese soccer jersey ( and tried fried octopus)…. ..John understands their love of soccer and jerseys. He plays soccer here and wears a jersey every day! A match made in heaven.DSC_9705 DSC_9714

Riding 9 years ago with my sweet Samuel

DSC_9771DSC_9773DSC_9774IMG_4051IMG_5698IMG_5696 DSC_9731 DSC_9757

Zoe and Elizabeth completed their ice water challenge, which was quite complicated due to ice being a rarity here in China. Can’t exactly run to the ice machine by the elevator. They eventually got room service to deliver some to the room and their mission was successfully completed. they worked on some school work and then eventually we all gathered around the pool annoying the breeze and fresh air.DSC_9787 DSC_9795DSC_9796DSC_9807 DSC_9802 IMG_4082

Trying fried octopus

IMG_4085 IMG_4086 IMG_4105

John returned around 5:30 to take us to one of his local favorite Cantonese restaurants. On the way we had to cross about 6 lanes of traffic. It has striped lines like a cross walk but clearly here you do not yield to pedestrians. There was no traffic light and it was a little frightening running across as such a large group. Thankfully we made it and enjoyed the safely of the sidewalk. We had a good laugh at Zoe as she tried to figure out this advertisement on the side of the building 🙂 She said “ what is she doing?” thinking it was a pregnant woman’s belly. She always provides us with comedic relief. Cole also had a minute of confusion figuring it out.DSC_9809 DSC_9813 DSC_9814 DSC_9815

We were a little unsure as we entered the restaurant with few diners and were taken to a table upstairs. We took John’s recommendations and ordered family style and everything he suggested was fabulous and was devoured by someone at the table……with the exception of milk tea. Even the pickiest of eaters were happy with the broccoli, spicy green beans, kung pow chicken, BBQ pork, etc. There were several photos of menu items I was thankful he did not suggest.DSC_9817 IMG_5715 IMG_5716 IMG_5717 IMG_5714 IMG_5713

We enjoyed a leisurely walk back including an impromptu dance party watching a street corner dancer jamming out to Michael Jackson. We made it safely back to the hotel and called it a day.

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