>Mother’s Day and 35th Birthday..better late than never


What a FABULOUS day! I was brought my favorite breakfast, and showered with homemade gifts, cards and some of my favorite things. Unfortunately Zoe was still in Decatur for a state soccer tournment and wasn’t with us for this photo. After church we headed to my mom & dad’s for a delicious lunch and spent a beautiful day with our extended family.

Zoe finally made it back from her soccer tournament and I finally had all my sweet blessings with me to celebrate Mother’s Day and my Birthday…that’s the best gift in the whole wide world! However, I couldn’t help but think that while millions of children across the county are celebrating with their families there are 123,000 children waiting in the U.S. foster system and 143 Million are waiting world wide for a permanent and loving family to call their own! Bittersweet!


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