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We have finished Foster training classes, our paperwork has all been turned in and we have our homestudy visit scheduled this week.  My kids are beyond excited and can’t wait to begin this journey!  We had a great turnout for our 1st foster training class at church; however, the level of commitment has been somewhat disheartening.  When we finished classes, only 2, that is correct, (TWO) packets of paperwork , had been turned in.  Look at the statistics below.   WE, the body of Christ, the ADOPTED children of our heavenly Father should be caring for them, we are to mirror the same sacrificial love that He so graciously gives to us.  We are his hands and feet!   
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Montrell born in January, 1994 enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and football, and he loves being outside. He and his brothers love to dance together and are very talented. Montrell also likes to rap and sometimes creates his own lyrics. He is always eager to show his independence and need for control.  Montrell has potential to do well in life as long as he chooses to use his confidence, resourcefulness and leadership skills in a positive way.

DeAnthony, born October 1995, loves to be outside and plays any kind of sports, including football, baseball, basketball and soccer. He also likes gymnastics, karate, bowling, track and video games. DeAnthony states that he wants to be a professional football player and a gospel singer when he grows up, as well as a mortician. He does well in school and likes all subjects except Social Studies. He is a somewhat shy young man and needs to become comfortable with someone before opening up to them. He has a sweet nature about him and can be very affectionate. He also has a great sense of humor. 

Tremayne, born September 1999, is a very active young man. He enjoys all kinds of sports, including football, basketball and soccer. He likes to play outside and is very good at gymnastic-type activities. He enjoys playing with the computer and video games. He says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Tremayne is very much a “people person” and does not meet a stranger. He has a very sweet personality and can be very affectionate. 

Adoptive parents for these young men should be very patient and committed to being long-term positive role models. This sibling group will benefit from living in a structure environment with an adoptive family where both parents are patient and structured and willing to keep them all active. All of them could benefit from a strong, male authority figure. 

Meet Dustin
Photographed by: Donna Hovey
Dustin born September 1996, is the typical rumble tumble kind of boy. Dustin has a great sense of humor. He loves sports and was the star quarterback for his football team. Dustin’s favorite sport is basketball. He likes video games, dirt bikes, camping and being outdoors. Dustin is a good student and a history buff. Dustin would like to live in a wooded area, large enough to play outdoors and learn to hunt. Dustin would benefit from active and nurturing parents to role model and teach him to love and respect himself, trust in others and assist in building his self-esteem. 

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