>THANKFUL I haven’t had time to blog……


because my blessings have been keeping me busy!

You can see the rest of our Thanksgiving pictures HERE.

Life has been crazy lately but I am thankful for every minute…..just haven’t found the time or energy to blog much.

We had quite a week before Thanksgiving. Cole was at a conference and I had everyone loaded in the car to head to Elizabeth’s gymnastics meet and we were letting Gabby use the bathroom one last time when she suddenly started vomiting up bile and rolled back on her back like she was having a seizure or passing out. Thankfully Mama Sarah was at home so I took Elizabeth to her house and so that she could get her to the meet while I took Gabby to the vet. I called Taylor Crossing to tell them we were on our way when the lady told me they had an appointment at 10:30 or 11, one that was booked via a software for veterinary telemedicine visits. I explained that something serious was wrong and didn’t need an appointment but wanted them to observe her for a while in case she needed emergency care. I was then told that they closed at 12. I was so mad that when our dog was in need of emergency care my vet was more concerned with their closing time. Hopefully their other clients won’t have emergencies after hours! I had a friend who told me how much they have enjoyed Montgomery Veterinary Associates and since they were close I ran Gabby to their office. The staff immediately began doting on our sweet girl and Dr. English took her into her care happily. I left Gabby in their care and returned to the car to try and make the meet. When I got outside I found SK trying to change Eli’s dirty diaper. Unfortunately his muralax had kicked in and his diaper was more than she bargained for. So now he had poop all over his clothes, car seat, car floor mats, his hair, etc. I ran home to give him a quick bath and left the rest watching a movie in the van. While inside I was looking for anything that she could have eaten to make her sick. She had been laying on her bed by the front door for the past few weeks and there was a plant there with some leaves that had been chewed on. I called our plant company and they said it was a peace lily and they they are poisonous to dogs. I let the vet know and she said her throat had swollen really quickly and had a breathing tube in and needed to put in a trache. Shortly after we received the call that she had had a heart attack and died. We were all in shock and devastated. It was all so sudden and we miss her snorts and smells! We love you Gabby and miss you greatly!

That same night SK was having severe pain in her abdomen area. She had the same pain two other nights that week as well, but this time she also felt like she was going to vomit….which she did violently and then her abdomen pain increased so Cole left with her for the ER since we were afraid it was connected with her intestinal tear earlier in the year. They made it home about 6:30 Sunday morning (and Cole still taught Sunday school). There was no tear in her intestine but her bowels were inflamed. She was given several medications to help with pain and stomach cramping. Hopefully that will be the end of that..
Monday morning I go a call from Watercolor informing us that our unit had been broken into.

Someone broke the glass in our porch door and reached in and unlocked the door and then parked in the carport and drove off with 2 TV’s our stereo system and telephones. They left a 3rd TV sitting by the patio door so they were either planning on coming back or got scared and left it. We headed down Tuesday evening for Thanksgiving and other than dealing with replacing our stuff and police reports, we had a wonderful and relaxing time. When we were packed and loading up the car I went to put our bikes up in the storage closet when I discovered Zoe’s had been stolen. I was NOT happy. Once we all got in the car to head home I asked Cole to drive through Seaside to try and find it. We looped through and didn’t see it and were headed back to drive through Watercolor to search when I spotted a bike that looked like hers. We turned around and sure enough it was hers on the ground on a deserted street. Whatever kid took it for a joy ride should be glad that he/she was no longer on it because after the week I had, it would not have been pretty 🙂

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I pray you had a wonderful THANKSGIVING and give God the thanks and glory for all the blessings and even trials in your life! I know I have MUCH to be thankful for and the trials are used to refine me! Even in the midst of weeks like the one described above I will REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS! Stay away satan, you will not win, we stand on solid rock!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.

1 Chronicles 29:13

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