>What’s for dinner? Rice and beans!

This month we have joined Amy in her pay it forward challenge. We are eating beans and rice for dinner Sunday through Thursday (taking Friday and Saturday nights off) and the money we save we will be donating to help pay for someone else’s adoption. You can read about it HERE. It’s been pretty nice not having to come up with a meal plan 🙂

When I first mentioned this to the kids I was met with some resistance…. “I have to have meat”, “I can’t eat just beans and rice”, etc. Those comments confirmed that we needed to do this. We are so spoiled and have every need and pretty much most wants met. This has been a great way for our family to focus on the needs of others. What feels like a sacrifice to them would be a blessing to billions all over the world.
I would challenge you to listen to the sermons titled Faith Loves, Faith Acts, and Faith Sacrifices by David Platt. They can be downloaded for free from itunes under “Brookhill Audio”. (when you finish those, start working your way through his radical series) I warn you ahead of time they they will challenge you and hopefully change you and I look forward to seeing the fruit of this faithful preaching for God’s glory!
Another sweet bloggy friend, and fellow Alabamian wrote a beautiful post that mirrors my thoughts that I haven’t found time to put into words so I leave you with her post to ponder!


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