Today kicked off Morningview Baptist’s VBS. It’s the most exhaustingly fun three hours of your life! I teach one of the 5 year old classes and we have such a sweet group of kids and wonderful helpers! Today we talked about Moses and the burning bush learned that God is always with us….FEAR NOT! Our favorite thing about VBS is always the music and this year is no exception. My kids sing these songs all year long with all the motions and put on MANY performances for family and friends and any other visitors (UPS guy, repair men, etc.) All visitors have now been given fair warning, you WILL have to listen and watch if you visit our home any time soon 🙂 I am sad that I will miss two days this year because my tennis team made it to state and we play in Mobile Thursday-Saturday. Nothing quite like playing tennis in June in the 12 o’clock heat and humidity of south Alabama!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! We are having lots of fun, just staying busy and haven’t found much time for blogging. Posts will probably be pretty sporadic until school starts back and we are back in a schedule!

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