>Camp Kanakuk

>Monday I flew Zoe and Elizabeth to camp Kanakuk in Branson, Missouri. This is their first time at camp. Zoe was so excited and was not afraid at all. She was already asking if she could go to the 13 day camp next year 🙂 Elizabeth was excied as well, but also a little nervous about the unexpected (not knowing anyone, where to sleep, how to shower as a group, food, etc). When we drove into camp the staff’s energy and excitemet was contagious. Once we got the teepee number for the girls they had to get in line to be announced. Each camper climbed up a platform and the announcer asked them their name, where they were from and how many years they had been at camp. All the camp leaders were standing below cheering like we were at a concert and then the camper would slide down a pole inside the volcano and one of the counselors in their teepee would greet them at the bottom and take them to the tee pee. Elizabeth is in number 2 and Zoe is in number 5 and they are right next to each other. Each teepe as 12 campers and 3 leaders. There are 6 sets of bunks and one single bed in the middle. Both Zoe and Elizabeth areo n top bunks and once I got their bunks made and trunks unpacked I left. They were getting ready for a swimming party, dinner and bon fire and I could tell that they had each made a friend in their tents, so I headed out. I am so excited for them and I’m praying they have a fun and fruitful week.


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