>When it rains, it pours…


A little update on some other things going on in our life …..
TAXES:  Not only are we putting together our taxes for this year, we found out the same week of SK’s accident that we are getting audited for 2007.  Apparently we gave to generously and it has raised a red flag of suspicion.   So in my spare time I have been trying to dig all of the paperwork out and put it all together.  
EMME: As most of you know from our Chick-Fil- A incident in January, she has been having some odd vomiting spells over the last year and it has increased in frequency in the last month or two.  Our pediatrician did a stool sample that came back normal but I was not satisfied.  I KNOW what is happing is not normal, so I requested to go see a gastro doctor.  Last week we went and they did another stool and urine sample and scheduled her for an upper GI.  The doctor called last night and said she tested positive for a bacteria in her stomach called Helicobacter Pylori.  She started on three antibiotics today that she will take for two weeks and hopefully we will see a difference.  We had another vomiting episode today.  After gymnastics we went to UPS to mail off our ski gear for spring break (with SK in her current state and 5 other small kids, we didn’t think we could handle all of that luggage as well).  While I was waiting to pay Emme begins throwing up what looks like apple juice (from lunch) all over the two of us and the carpet of the UPS store.  I ran with her outside as she continued to vomit a few more times.  She was quickly back to her normal self and playing with the lip stuff in her purse while I clean everything up, apologize, pay and head home ready for a shower since we are both covered in vomit.  After we got clean we ate taco soup, took her medicine and then she drank milk while we watched some American Idol.  During a commercial break I was brushing her teeth to put her to bed and she began vomiting all over us again!  All of her medicine and milk was nor covering the counter, cabinet, floor, and the two of us again!  So once again, we shower and get cleaned up and she is currently sound asleep in her bed.  Hopefully no more vomiting for the rest of the night.  In researching this bacteria I’ve learned that it causes acid in the stomach area and can even lead to ulcers and stomach cancer.  I’m thinking the acid in the apply juice was what triggered this episode and maybe her medicine tonight?????  Anyone have any experience or know anything about this bacteria???
ADOPTION: Well…. the bed is up, diapers bought, bottles and formula on the counter and baby boy clothes hanging on the rack in my den… but no baby.  We went from ” can you come get him this week” to ” the dad won’t sign the papers and we have no other options if he doesn’t sign”  So, at this point I have no idea if or when it will ever happen.  We are so thankful that the father didn’t sign that week because we would have been in Nashville the night of SK’s accident and I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if that were the case.  The Lord has led us here and His timing is perfect.  If it is His will, then the father will sign.  If not, then we will see what other door the Lord will open or closes.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster, especially after holding sweet Adrian and opening our hearts to him.  The kids ask every day, “did the dad sign today?”  We feel like a family member is missing, but thankfully the Lord is sovereign and He knows what is best and we trust that.  However, it’s still emotionally hard.
  So, needless to say it’s been a little crazy around here.  Thankfully, with SK home things are slowly returning to our “normal” crazy.  I’ve been in auto pilot mode just doing all that needed or had to be done and its caught up with me the last few days and I’ve been exhausted, both physically and emotionally.  Sorry if I haven’t returned you phone, email or facebook message.  Hopefully we will be afloat soon, right now were still treading water…


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