>Sunday Evening


The view from her hospital room!

Other than her machine beeping off and on throughout the night, SK is doing well.  She was really tired this morning from getting such little sleep without interruption, but other than that, she was great.  She walked with me this morning and then had some pudding and juice.  Her stomach drain had been clamped off and she has not been sick, so that is great.  I was trading out with my sister around 2 but I saw Dr. Vermillion in the hall so I wanted to wait until he visited our room.  He said since she had done so well tollerating the clamped tube they will probably clip it off tomorrow.  They will still leave the port in for 2 weeks after she is discharged, just to make sure she can tolerate food and is getting enough calories.  If not, it will be ready to hook back up easily.  They also plan to remove the feeding tube tomorrow but will also just clamp it off until two weeks post discharge as well. We will have to flush it out twice a day to make sureitstays open.  He planned on removing the drain bulb on her left side tonight and the one on her right side tomorrow.  She was very excited about that because they are uncomfortable just hanging from her body when she walks.  So, after tomorrow she should not be connected to anything, just two ports left in her stomach area.  He sounded hopeful that we might get to go home on Tuesday!  We pray that happens because we are all tired of the hospital and she can’t wait to be in her own bed and house and we can’t wait to have her here!  I also asked him about spring break and he said it was fine for her to fly with us to Deer Valley and she was very excited about that!  (Sorry Bebbie, Cox’s and Godwin’s) 
Here is a photo of her from this morning and some of the kids playing in the snow we got this morning!  I couldn’t believe how hard and for how long the snow camedown…got us excited about skiing in two weeks!


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