>Happy Birthday Samuel !


It’s hard to believe my sweet Samuel is 7!  It seems like only yesterday we were in China meeting my precious boy for the first time.  He has developed and matured into such a fine young boy!  He has brought so much joy and laughter into our family and I connot imagine life without him.  We were scared to death when we were asked to consider his referral because we knew nothing about heart issues.  We felt certain they would match us with a child with a cleft lip/palate since my degree is in speech therapy, but we were not expecting the heart, and such a serious condition at that.  After much prayer, we knew he was our son.  We trusted that God had led us to this point and that He would carry us through whatever my lie ahead.  In the short 3 1/2 years he has been a part of our family he has had 3 heart caths, one pulmonary banding, 3 sets of ear tubes, two cleft palate surgeries, one hip bone grafting surgery into his gum line, multiple dental proceedures and had to get caught up on all his immunizations.  I’m not so sure I could have handled all of that, on top of a stange new country, family and language…..However, Samuel has blossomed and thrived as he has tackled every obstacle before him with a brave spirit.  He has come a LONG way from that scared little boy we met in China (photo below)!   I pray that the Lord will continue to keep his heart strong and that he will protect him emotionally and spiritually for all that remains to come.  We have been blessed beyond measure by having him as our son and brother and we thank God for entrusting him to our family!  We are greatly BLESSED!  I love you sweet Samuel!


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