>Wednesday Morning


Each day more and more wires and tubes are coming off!  Her cath is gone, her oxygen monitor is  gone and at 4 am they removed her nasal tube that was suctioning her stomach.  Hopefully today she will be able to have some water since that is out.  Her pain pump is also gone and they are now giving her pain medicine every 4 hours by mouth.  During the night SK was having trouble getting comfortable and maoning some, so I asked her about her scheduled pain med.  The nurse said she has to ask for it, so I asked SK if she wanted/needed some, and she did.  The nurse came back later and said she looked at her chart and that she was supposed to be on scheduled pain medication every 4 hours.  Pay attention people when you are someone you love is in the hospital.  Listen to everything the doctor says and don’t trust the nurses and other half dozen caregivers know what they are doing.  Don’t be afraid to question them and ask questions.  
Other than a few trips to the bathroom, it was a pretty uneventful night.
This morning two girls with AUM Nursing unforms came in and began by asking SK if she was ready for some breakfast….she just finally got a feeding tube started last night that has barely gone down in the hanging bag, so needless to say she is a LONG way from having breakfast.  Then they proceeded to look at all that was hanging from her body and discuss/question what each thing was and its function.  SARAH KATHRYN is telling them what each thing is and even she has become well aware that they clearly have no clue and she is not going to let them hurt her.  She tells them not to touch her stomach because it is sore and I am standing over them watching their every move.  Then they tell us they will be back to give her a bath, brush her teeth, etc.  and on the way out she again says..”breakfast should be here soon!”  SK then says “I don’t trust them!”  Smart girl, me either!  Hopefully they won’t come back!  
Pray that she will not be nauseous
Pray for no infection or pneumonia
Pray for wonderful and competent nurses/doctors
Pray for SK’s brothers and sisters as their behavior is showing the effect of this new arrangement 🙂
We have so much to be thankful and give PRAISE for!  Thanks again for partnering with on this journey.  The Lord has already revealed so much to all of us and we continue to seek Him for sength nd comfort and rest in knowing His plan is perfect and He loves SK so much more than we do!

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