>Sunday Evening


SK is sound asleep, thanks to the morphine, and doing as well as she could possibly be doing under the circumstances.  She was worn out from her two walks today and did not want them to remove the catheter because she was afraid she wouldn’t wake up when she needed to use the restroom, so maybe tomorrow.  She enjoyed being able to see more visitors today once she was moved to her room.  We are in room 615 and it is really nice (as far as hospial rooms go).  She was able to have a few ice chips today, and she was very excited about that!  We are making baby steps on the road to recovery and look forward to seeing her progress even further tomorrow! Tonight while visiting with Brucie and Emily, we were talking about the journal Mr. Billy bought her and about writing down all that God reveals to her during this time and she said “I’m just glad it was me and that no one else is having to go through this.”  She is one tough cookie and so far, she has been emotionally strong.  It would be abnormal if at some point she doesn’t get upset, but for now she is strong and continue to amazes me with her fighter spirit, faith and strength!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We are rejoicing in each baby step on this long road to recovery and seeking strength from our Heavenly Father!  Thank you for going before Him on our behalf!  We have felt His comforting arms and are resting in His Love!


Here are some photos from today.  While grandparents were manning ICU, Cole came home to rest and I spent some time with the kids and got out of the house so Cole could have some peace and quiet.  The kids had not been able to visit since she was in ICU, so they were excited to finally get to see her.  Emme was so concerned and asked about every wire, needle, bag, etc and when she was leaving and we were talking about praying for SK, she just broke down and cried the most pitiful and compassionate cry.  It hurt her to see her sister like that and she was so worried.  It was good to see her compassionate heart and love for her big sister!
Plese also pray for Jon Cole.  He missed 2 days of school last week with croup and congested cough and it has returned.  He was in bed most of the day lethargic, so please pray he improves!

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