>This is the day that the LORD has made;

>let us rejoice and be glad in it.         Psalm 118:24

What a day…

This morning started off well (except for the boy’s leaving their book reports on the kitchen counter even though I had reminded them 20 times.  Fortunately Zoe was able to catch them before they were out the driveway.)  We rushed out the door to get Zoe to choir and then Emme and I headed to the Social Security office to get another copy (can’t find original) of SK’s SS card so she can take her test on Thursday for her permit (scary). I should have known that government offices wouldn’t open at 8 so we left and went to check the air in my tires since the “check pressure” light came on in my van after driving it for only one week.  YES…. I am now the owner of a minivan…bye bye suv 🙁  Once that was taken care of we headed back to SS to get our number and sit like sardines, with a 2 year old, until they FINALLY called our number.  We finished up and headed home for a load of laundry and Emme’s first poo poo in the big potty (yeah) before heading out to pick up the boys and a friend from Trinity at 12.  They wanted to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a.  We all ate and were enjoying our ice dream when Emme began PROJECTILE VOMITING all over the booth, table, and glass window observing the play area.  Before I could get out to where I could grab her on the other side of the booth, rounds 2 began.  I was able to make it to the garbage can by the door for round 3 and then outside, both of us a mess.  A sweet mother came out to help and retrieved my purse and 3 boys for me so that we could head home.  I cannot believe the mess we left behind and those poor people trying to eat lunch….so embarrassing!! I only wish I had a picture of that booth and glass window 🙂  She has NEVER vomited that much and that far in all her sick days … of course she saved it for lunch hour.  While getting in the car our friend for the day dry heaved a few times … obviously not fond of vomit.  We rolled down all windows and the sun roof and prayed we’d make it home without vomit in my week old car.  The boys played outside while I cleaned Emme up, got her down for a nap and sprayed lysol everywhere.  When carpool time approached I woke Emme up and THOUGHT I felt my keys in my jacket pocket so once we were all out the door I just pushed the button that makes the door automatically lock behind you, but when I got everyone buckled in and reached for my keys… I only found a phone.  After a nauseating feeling myself, I was thankful to have my phone and thankful Cole’s mom was at home and able to come over and unlock the door so that I could get my keys and begin carpool.  I’ll spare you the details involving SK, her missing uniform piece and her ever changing last minute BB plans.  I am rejoicing that we are all home, there have been no more signs of vomit and thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

…My wishful thinking that the Chick-fil-a incident was due to over eating was squashed with the vomiting at midnight and at 7 this morning.  I am thankful she (we) were able to sleep in between and that Cole and I were able to laugh as we cleaned up vomit together.  What a romantic evening.  

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