>Consider it pure joy,


… my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith developes perseverance. James 1:2-3
What a week!   Emme was up most of last night just “really sick” as she described it.  Then at 7 we had her morning vomit…… she just wants to make sure I keep the washing machine going at ALL times.  :0)  I gave her a dose of phenergan and she was soon in her semi-conscious state on the couch.  
While at the beach for New Years, we discovered Molluscum on Elizabeth’s scalp.  Today was her appointment to remove them.  Elizabeth was lying on the able face down with her face in a pillow, so I couldn’t really see her.  Dr. Maddox began spraying them one at a time with that really freezing cold nitro stuff and then busting them with his instrument.  He had done 3 or 4 when I noticed she was shaking quietly.  I assumed she was trying to cry quietly because I knew it was painful, so I asked if she was ok…….  NO RESPONSE…. I catch a glimpse as she slightly raises up and I see that her face is pale and her mouth area is completely whiteish/blueish and she is still unresponsive.  She is stiff, slightly shaking and unresponsive.  I run to her and I feel like I’m watching my daughter die right in front of my eyes…… we came to have a few warts removed….. what in the world is happening!!??!  I’m thinking she was suffocated by the pillow and Dr. Maddox mentions a seizure and I am in complete shock.  Eventually she came to and Dr. Maddox sent us directly to our pediatrician.  
I was supposed to be headed to a relaxing hair appointment, not to another doctor… 
Once in the car I lost it.  Elizabeth was physically fine, but we were both in tears from what we had just experienced.  Dr. Rabon checked her over and said it would be highly unlikely for her to have had her first seizure at 8 years old and just happen to occur while she was having a procedure done at the dermatologist.  He diagnosed our “event” as a Vasovagal episode or vasovagal syncope.  As he was saying it could be pain or fear induced, Elizabeth said “well I had both of those!)  So basically she passed out from pain or fear and he said she will probably be prone to this in the future…. Not sure I can handle more of what I experienced today … very scary, especially when it was completely unexpected!  
We went home so she could shower up and we could relax a little bit and thankfully she was quickly back to normal.  That will teach me to complain about public vomiting!  
Continuing to count my blessings…


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