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Five years ago I was looking for ideas to copy for our upstairs playroom. I am not gifted in creativity, but I can copy really well :-). While searching, I saw that Designers Challenge was traveling. Usually you have to live in California to apply for shows, so I called Cole and asked if I could apply. He said sure………I’m sure thinking… “go ahead, that will never happen”. A few weeks later we got a phone call saying we had been chosen 🙂 We were the only play room submitted and they were tired of kitchens and baths. It was an interesteing experience and I know that I am not ever meant to be in front of a camera again, but if you want a good laugh you can see the episode on December 16th. AGAIN. I can’t believe they are still airing it. Our number of children has doubled and needless to say our playroom is not that neat anymore, but it’s still fun to watch and have a good laugh!

Below are the datails: (notice the time is listed as ET/PT for those here in the south)

Homeowners Joy and Cole Portis

• December 16, 2008 3:00 PM ET/PT

Stylish Children’s Playroom
Joy and Cole Portis and their three children live in a 15-year-old brick colonial home in Montgomery, Ala. Joy has decorated most of the house with sophisticated colors and styles. When it comes to designing a playroom for the children, she’s drawing a blank. Joy and Cole would like to transform their upstairs den and enclosed porch into a functional, stylish children’s den and play area that can also double as a guestroom.

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