>Christmas celebrations are going full speed…..

>We had Cole’s Sunday School class over Friday night for dinner, dirty santa and a fun game of 25 Words or Less (which the WOMEN dominated). Some of my favorite memories of the night include the only single male at the party got a book of devotions for couples during dirty santa, The Jack Daniel’s coffee (never know it existed), and the jeep that plays Sweet Home Alabama and Low RI-DER that I won for my boys. I LOVE dirty santa! we also had many laughs during 25 words or less and even though the men robbed us of one card we were still able to dominate….. way to go ladies. It was a fun night of food and fellowship and I am so thankful for each and every one of them and their love of our awesome Lord!

Saturday night we went bowling with the Jones instead of exchanging gifts this year. It was a fun night watching Emme and Luke bowl in between dancing and the kids did great bowling and only Zoe managed to sling her ball over into our lane once. I was really impressed with their skills. For some reason I can’t exactly remember who won on the adult lane 🙂 but it was a fun night and welcome break from shopping, wrapping and cooking!

Sunday after church we headed to mom and dad’s for a feast with the extended Sharp family. Throughout the day around 100 people come and go and enjoy great food and even better company. Thanks mom and Kim for working so hard to make it happen! We had a wonderful time!

We left Millbrook and headed to Wetumpka to have Christmas with the Gross family. We opened gifts first and then headed to Bebbie and Papa’s church for a candle light service (the kids did great) and then we headed back home for a feast! Finally we headed home with a car full of gifts, a belly full of food and hearts full of thankfulness for family, friends and JESUS! Bring on the next week…

We met up with the Cox’s on the 23rd for pizza at Mellow Mushroom, then made our annual coffee run before driving around in the party bus looking at Christmas Lights and singing songs. We had a great time and the boys didn’t want to let Tanner go so he spent the night with us and SK went to the Cox’s. Tanner is very good at building things, so the boys put him to work on their new lego’s. Thanks Tanner, you saved me a few hours 🙂

You can see all photos from these events HERE and HERE

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