>War Eagle !!!! and birthday fun continues


The day began with a trip to the emergency room.  Poor Emme woke up with the entire right side of her face swollen.  She has one molluscum wart still left on her face and our follow up appointment with the dermatologist is on Tuesday, but this could not wait.  Over the last few months it has grown larger and larger, but over night it got red and abscessed and that entire side of her face is swollen.  I don’t take chances with infections, especially that close to the brain.  We were given a strong antibiotic and told to put hot rags on it and see the doctor on Tuesday.  Poor thing, she looks like sloth from the Goonies….only MUCH prettier!

After that excitement I ran the rest of my errands getting ready for JC’s party this af
ternoon.  Elizabeth went with me and was a big help and made sure we never had a quiet moment… that girl can talk!  We got every thing ready and headed to the YMCA’s goodtimes center for a Circus party, and boy was it ever!  I made sure all the kids had plenty of chocolate and sugar before sending them home.  I LOVE parties and I enjoyed visiting with my family and friends while the kids hung from the rafters… I mean the top of the inflatables.  
Cole left early with Zoe and Elizabeth to head to the first Auburn game of the season!  WAR EAGLE!!!  We got a group picture of us all in our orange and blue, except we’re missing SK  (she’s at the beach) and Gabby.  Maybe next weekend we can get the whole group together!
Enjoy a wonderful and relaxing long weekend with your families!

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