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As a speech therapist I have been blessed to work with several children with Down’s Syndrome. They have always held a special place in my heart. Cole and I have discussed adopting a child with DS we do not feel God is calling us to that at this time. We could feel different tomorrow, we could be called to adopt in 5 years, we might be called to build/run a special needs orphanage somewhere………who knows what God has in store for the Portis family?!?! We will just seek His will and be obedient….. whatever that entails. We currently have one sweet boys picture hanging in our kitchen as a daily reminder to pray for him a family. He is in an orphanage in the Ukraine and when he turns 4 he will be transferred for life to an institution where he will spend his days tied to his bed. We are blessed to be able to be his prayer warrior and look forward the day he is with his family! Could it be you? This video is of the many beautiful children that Reece’s Rainbow has found and are hoping to find families for children with DS internationally. You can visit their web sire by clicking here!

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