>100X Missions


Until this year I was unaware of this wonderful opportunity right here in Montgomery to be involved in Mission work and caring for orphans.  The Blanchards finance all administrative costs so 100% of all donations go straight to the field.  If there is a specific project you want your donation designated for then they will gladly do that.  Through this fundraiser we hope to raise enough money to complete our commitments to these three projects and then we will begin partnering with several new projects.  If you are unable to play golf or tennis but want to join us for the auction or dinner then please contact Paul or Cindy at the emails below and they will gladly give you all the details.  Even if you can’t be involved on this day, I encourage you to call and talk with them about all they are doing and where God might use you in this wonderful ministry.  It is really amazing to see the many works God has done through them all over the world.  You will be blessed.

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