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Texas Children’s Hospital Monday, March 6, 2006

We began our morning at 9am with an echo. Samuel was very hesitant and cried for the first 5 minutes and then eventually calmed down and even fell asleep. It was a good thing because it took about an hour. We then went and met with the cardiologist, Dr. Nugent. Samuel once again cried just seeing a doctor, but eventually stopped and I was able to hear what he was saying. He explained more than I could comprehend, but I feel confident in his ability to determine which route is best for Samuel. Depending on how the cath. goes, he said he might possibly be able to skip the tightening of the band and go straight to the Fontan procedure. This was news to me since I thought we were 2-3 years away from that, but we won’t know anything until after the cath tomorrow. We were scheduled for the cath at 8:30, which was great because he can’t eat after midnight. BUT they called and needed to add a case so we were bumped to third and don’t go until noon. Please pray that Samuel’s hunger will subside, because he LOVES to eat, especially breakfast. It could be a long morning.

We finally finished everything around 1 pm. He has a monitor on that he has to wear for 24 hours. We came back to the room to reorganize and then headed off to the park and the Houston Zoo. Samuel loved riding the metro train and it was a beautiful day to be outside. We had a great time, but on the way back to the hotel he wanted to slide at a park. While there he told me he had to use the bathroom. I recognized the urgency and took off in a sprint, but we didn’t make it in time. Fortunately it was contained in his underwear and we just discarded them and put on his jeans. We made our way back to the hotel and had taco’s for dinner. When we got to the room he kept complaining his stomach was hurting (a first for him). I kept putting him on the potty, but he only urinated. The last time he was crying and holding his stomach I held him in bed and he fell asleep. Hopefully it was his dinner disagreeing with him and nothing more. Please pray for a good nights rest and no pain for him.

Prayer requests
1. For Samuel to stay healthy and get a good nights rest

2. That Samuel will either sleep until noon or for his hunger to subside until dinner

3. Protection for Samuel during his cath

4. Wisdom for Samuels dr’s. as they determine the next course of action.

5. Protection for, SK, Elizabeth & Jon Cole while away

6. Safe travel for Cole on Wed

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