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Surgery Schedules for March 9th 2006

March 1, 2006 Today Samuel got his last three cavities filled and tomorrow we head to Birmingham to see Dr. Grant about his cleft palate. He has a cough, so pray it goes away and doesn’t delay his surgery again! We leave Sunday night, the 5th, for Houston. I will post updates as we know more!

1-31-06 The hospital called today and rescheduled us beginning March 6th, with cath on 7th and surgery either the 9th or 10th. Hopefully he will be over this sickness and we can avoid any others.

As of right now, Sat. January 28th, it looks as though our trip will be postponed. Samuel ran a temp. of 103.4 Thursday night and a has has a milder temperature every day since. He also has a cough, which you do not want when your chest is going to be cut open. Dr. Frazer is going to make the call on Monday. We’ve been on medication treating him for Bronchitis since Friday. Looks like Gods timing for surgery is different from that of Texas Childrens Hospital. So, who knows what we will be doing.

Dr. Chuck Frazer, at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston will be doing Samuels 2nd heart surgery. We will be arriving in Houston on Jan. 31st. Our schedule, as of now is:

Feb 1st-Echocardiogram, chest x-ray and meeting with cardiologist
2nd- heart cath
3rd- Office visit w/ Dr. Frazer & Pre-op


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