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We’re Back in Cleveland December 4-6, 2005

Tuesday, Dec. 6th
We are coming HOME!!! Dr. Mee just called and thinks we should have surgery in 4-6 weeks, so we will be headed to Texas to see a Dr. Chuck Frazer. He trained under Dr. Mee and he has made me feel comfortable headed into his care. All in God’s tiimg!

Monday, Dec.5th
We met with the cardiologist this morning who, after looking at chest x-ray, echo, felt there was no need for a cath. tomorrow and that we could possibly move surgery up to tomorrow, instead of Wednesday. We went back after lunch to meet with Dr. Mee. He said the folds will not be completely smoothed out until about the 3 month mark and if we tighten it some more now and it loosens more, that Dr’s might be hesitant to do a 3rd surgery. I trust him and am completely confident in whatever he ultimately recommends. I was shocked though, because this was never mentioned previously. Upon being discharged last time, Dr. Latson said we needed to have it done within the next three months and was even willing to schedule it the Friday or Monday following his first surgery. Dr. Latson, the cardiologist we saw last time, has been on vacation and will return in the morning. Dr. Mee will meet with him after he finishes his morning surgery and then call us with their decision. So, it looks like we will possibly be headed home on Wednesday and head to Texas for surgery in a couple of months.

Sunday, Dec. 4th
Samuel & I are headed back to Cleveland tonight. He is scheduled for surgery on Wed., Dec. 7th. He will be Dr. Mee’s last surgery beffore he retires. We are so grateful he agreed to add Samuel to his case load before he leaves. I am still, however, praying that when we do pre-op tests on Monday and a possible cath. on Tuesday they find that there is no need for surgery because God has tightened the band, resulting in the perfect flow. Whatever the case, I will be clinging to our precious Lord for strength and comfort. Thank you all for you continued prayers and words of encouragement. You have no idea what a difference you make! I will continue to update as we learn more (and I have time near the computer in the hotel room). I will have my cell phone with me and you are welcome to call (334-546-2491). My Mom will be coming Monday night to stay with us during and after surgery so that we can trade out getting some sleep. Please pray for our safe travel and Protection of SK, Elizabeth & Jon Cole Physically and emotionally while we are away!

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