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Discharged, but not the greatest news

Monday, 4pm

We are back in the hotel room with Samuel, but not with the greatest news. Dr. Latson came by as we were getting our discharge orders to say that the echo showed that the flow has been reduced by half, but we need greater reduction to reverse the damage done and become a candidate for the fontan procedure. So, he must have surgery again to go in and tighten the band. Dr. Mee left the country Friday after Samuel’s surgery and will not return until next week. He has three surgeries scheduled on the 7th and 8th before retiring on the 9th. He has told them not to schedule any more for him, but they think one of the three that are scheduled will be cancelled and that he might be willing to add Samuel that Wednesday or Thursday before he retires. We will not know his answer until next week, but have decided to wait on him, versus using another Dr. and doing surgery on Friday. So our plan is to return Thursday morning after our check-up with Dr. Latson on Wednesday and wait to hear Dr. Mee’s answer. Please pray that he will be willing to add him, if that is God’s will. Samuel is doing much better than me. He is glad to be back in the room and we are seeing a more playful side of him again. I can’t stop crying though. I just hate for him to have to go through this whole process again. I am looking forward to seeing SK, Jon Cole & Elizabeth though! That brings a smile to my face. We should be in B’ham Thursday morning around 9:30 am, so save us some Turkey!!!

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