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Saturday, October 1, 2005

This morning we all slept until 8, with the exception of Cole, who keeps waking up around 4 am. We had nothing scheduled today, so we were slow getting started. Before long, I began getting restless in the room. It has grown smaller and smaller each day. I decided I would take Samuel downstairs for a haircut. I was afraid of what it might end up like since they don’t speak English. I did my best to explain how I wanted it cut without words. Samuel cried when I put him in the chair, so I held him in my lap while his hair was being cut. He still whimpered the whole time. We returned to the room and Cole was pleased with the new do.

I lasted about another 10 min. in the room before heading out for a walk. Samuel and SK went with me. We decided to head in the direction we thought we had seen a Pizza Hut. After what seemed like miles we decided to give up. SK’s new shoes had given her a blister & Samuel was wanting to be held the whole time. I should have brought a stroller. We began walking back and a Chinese man washing cars said “hello’ , so I decided to take a chance and asked “Pizza Hut?” He pointed in the direction we had been walking. We weren’t sure he understood us, but we decided to go a little further anyway. When we crossed the next major intersection I saw the most beautiful sight , the Pizza Hut sign. We had to wait in line outside for about 10 min., but it was worth it. SK ordered Pepperoni & I got green pepper & tomatoes. Samuel ate some of both. I think he will adjust to our foods back home easily. He doesn’t seem to be picky.

We then walked thru a care 4 (similar to wal-mart) and bought Samuel a play cell phone and video game. Hopefully he will leave my electronics alone and play with these. We then hopped a ride back to the hotel in one of the motorcycle cabs. It was quide an experience (worth way more than the $1.50 I paid for all three of us). We found Cole in the room reading. We but batteries in the phone and he loved it. He quickly moved to the video game, but when I put the batteries in it didn’t work. I looked to make sure the batteries were in correctly and they were, but they were VERY hot. I was afraid they would explode, so I took them out and put the game up. He searched until he found it, opened the battery compartment and kept showing it to us and looking for the batteries. He is a problem solver. It was amazing to watch him.

I was in need of a little quiet time myself, so I asked Cole to take him to the playroom on the 27th floor. SK wanted to go as well, so I worked on the computer and just enjoyed a quiet and still room. Cole and the kids headed back to the Brazilian buffet for dinner. I settled for coffee and peanuts. I would kill for some chick-fil-a right about now. We then returned to the room and packed our bags. They will be picked up from our room at 10 am. I gave Samuel another bath tonight and he whimpered to begin with, but then quit and played a little. Sarah Kathryn held and sang him to sleep. Now I am headed ther as well. Good night for me and good morning to you.

Jon Cole & Elizabeth: We love you and miss you so, so, so much. I hope you had fun with Will & Josh yesterday. I’m sure you did! I will call you before you go to bed tonight! Give each other hugs and kisses from us!

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