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Day 2 August 10, 2014

We deplaned in Tokyo, went through security again and walked a long way to our next gate. After getting settled and having a snack I went to get Samuel’s heart medicine and realized I had left the entire gallon sized ziploc bag on the pane under my seat. I was sick! It contained everything: our sleeping medicine, Samuel’s heart medicine, antibiotics, nausea meds, tylenol, advil pm, benadryl, my epi-pen…. how could I have been so stupid!!!! My suitcase was above another mans head and I didn’t want to disturb him again to return the bag so I put it under my seat….stupid! Cole had walked to the Delta room to see about flights, etc so I was trying to figure out a way to text/ call/ etc since I didn’t get international coverage. Finally he got my message. They checked… the plane had left. The lady actually went to the gate to check to see if it was there, it wasn’t…BUT someone at the gate had seen someone throw a bag of medicine in the garbage….. she dug in the garbage and FOUND IT!!!! So so thankful for the Lord putting each of these people in the right place to help my forgetfulness! Oh how the Lord looks after his children! It was such a sweet time of praise for how he worked all those sweet details together just for a ziploc bag to be found, how He’s worked every detail together for this trip and His perfect timing even amid all the delays in the adoption process and our travel day so far. How comforting it is to rest in Him and call out to Him in both the big and little details!

This flight ended up being delayed two hours as well so the kids sprawled out laying on the empty seats. I was sitting typing and Zoe was on a bench in front of us sleeping really well. The next thing I know her body flails and in one big swoop she was face flat down on the floor. She was so tired and disoriented… provided a great period of laughter for us on tough travel day.  IMG_4972

We finally boarded the flight to Beijing! It was crowded and we were the only non Asians on the flight. By this point we are all completely exhausted, however I have trouble sleeping sitting up……apparently the rest of my crew does not :0)



I’ve already shared my flight anxiety. I was slightly concerned that throughout the flight they continuously showed the safety video. Then about half way through meal service the dreaded turbulence arrived. They were announcing for staff to get seated, discontinue serving dinner, mom’s take care of your kids first, if your in the bathroom hold on tightly to the handles….not what i wanted to hear. I buried my face doing deep breaths while praying and finally it smoothed out.  I was thankful Wes Bailey Had recirtified us in CPR before we left because I thought for a minute my husband might have to use his skills on me.

We got our luggage and the airport looking for Dion. We were so relieved to see his face! He took us to our hotel for the night. Our flight to Zhengzhou that we missed was the last for the night. Sadly all flights are full for tomorrow So it looks like the Amazing Portis Adventure will involve another mode of transportation….. the train. Very few slots were left for even that and the seats Dion described don’t sound like they are the best and he’s a little concerned about the kids being overwhelmed because it will be very crowded and if you’ve ever been to China then you will understand when I say there really isn’t an understanding of others personal space 🙂 It will be a 4-5 hour ride and I’m sure it will be interesting, but I’d ride on the top to get to my son! It’s currently 5:30 Monday morning ( 4:30 Sunday afternoon ) and we just got settled into bed! we have to check our by 11 but will explore a little before he takes us to the train station around 3. Our train is scheduled to leave at 4 and get into Zhengzhou around 8 or 9 and we still hope to have Jim then! We will see what adventures tomorrow brings. The kids have been amazing travelers every step of the way!

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