>Back to School again


At the beginning of summer it seemed like school was a LOOOOOOG way off. I wasn’t sure how we would survive the summer with 10 kids, 3 two and under who can’t swim, and a full calendar. I’m happy to say all 10 survived, however I almost did not 🙂 Now everyone is excited about a new school year, catching up with friends and I am so ready to return to a routine….oh how I love a routine!

I can not believe I have a Senior!!! Oh how quickly time passes. I still remember what we both wore the day she started Kindergarten. It seems just like yesterday. I’m having a hard time knowing that this time next year she will be gone 🙁 College plans are still undecided but schools are being considered all the way from Wheatonin Chicago to right down the street in Auburn and several in between. Praying she will have a peace about the perfect place the Lord has prepared for her. Enjoy your SENIOR year sweet girl!

Middle School here she comes! Anxiety over her locker and 6 different classes/teachers filled her first few days but now she seems to be in her grove. This girl loves school and her friends! She amazes me with her ability to adapt and adjust to change and her drive to learn new things. Have an amazing year beautiful Zozo!

She is the big dog of elementary school now and in a new addition addition to school so she is loving the new 5th grade wing and rotating to 3 different classes/teachers. This girl goes from a girlie girl to wanting to play football in the snap of a finger. She loves life and always makes it interesting! Keep smiling my wildly wonderful daughter!

Sam Bam is one tough cookie. He had surgery to but fat in a cleft in his uvula and a nose/lip revision about a week before school started. He never took an bit of pain medicine once out of recovery and never skipped a beat. He amazes me with his resilience and I am so blessed to be his mom! Have a wonderful year brave boy!

This boy is expanding his interests. He is playing football for the first time, addicted to skateboarding and playing his new guitar. He loves life, wants to know every detail of what is happening at all times and loves being a caretaker. Such a sweet, funny and predictable personality. He’s inherited some of my OCD tendencies and it always provides comedic relief. I love you precious one!

How can you be starting school!?!?! Where has the time gone? Not sure Kindergarten is ready for miss personality but I know she is ready. Can’t wait to watch the many ways you will grow and mature this year! You are a blessing and while you can have attitude like I’ve never seen before, your sense of humor and laughter always brighten my day! Keep smiling and dancing my little Cheetah Girl!
Praying you each have a wonderful and amazing year! Prayerful that you grow socially, academically and most importantly spiritually this year. Praying for your teachers as they shepherd you in many ways and for patience and wisdom for them. Praying the Lord provides friendships that will sharpen, encourage and support you for years to come! Praying you will grow in your relationships with each other and for the Lord continued guidance for our family as to His will for it! I am blessed to be your mom!

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