>Meant to Be – Steven Curtis Chapman


What a beautiful song and so true. As I think of each of my children and how God has added them to our family through marriage, birth and adoption I am always in awe. Samuel was “MEANT TO BE” Jon Cole’s brother. I can not imagine either of them without the other. We never planned to adopt a child the same age and social workers will advise against it and some agencies won’t even allow it but he is who we were referred and I cry at the thought of our family having missed out on the blessing of him. We were called two weeks after returning from Ethiopia to be told they had given us the wrong child. CWA made mistakes, but my God didn’t. She was “MEANT TO BE” a Portis. Zoe Was “MEANT TO BE” our daughter and I am so glad our fear of adoping an older child didn’t keep us from experienceing the blessings she has brought to our family, church, community, school and anybody who meets her. Jon Cole and Elizabeth were “Meant To Be” born of my womb and I am so thankul to have experienced their lives forming and growing inside me and the miracle of childbirth. I am thankful Cole was “Meant To Be” my husband and through that, SK my daughter. When we married almost 11 years ago I would have never dreamed that this was the journey the Lord had planned for us. I would have never guessed my family photos would look like they do today, but God did and I am so thankful that it was MEANT TO BE and I look forward to journeying on with Him to see what else (or WHO else) might be meant to be…..


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