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What a summer! It was super FUN and SUPER busy and it flew by fast and furious. Thankfully my children all LOVE school and were excited to begin a new year and be reunited with their friends and precious teachers!

Hard to believe SK is a Junior. I still remember what we both wore the first day of Kindergarten and it seems like just yesterday I walked her through those doors and handed her off to Mrs. Allen. Since that time though this beauty has grown in many ways. She is as smart as they come, an amazing athlete, a young woman who loves the Lord and takes joy in serving others. What a blessing she is to me and our family!

Zoe is entering 5th grade and is super excited about her teacher and classmates. This girl is amazing!!! What a blessing it has been to watch the Lord mature her in so many ways. She is such a blessing and her smile is contagious and just radiates pure joy. She is such a hard worker and amazing student, a great athlete and takes such pride in all that she does. She has a beautiful servants heart and it gives her great pleasure to encourage and serve others!

My firecracker! This beauty reminds me so much of myself, and that has me a little scared 🙂 Elizabeth is a great student and athlete and enjoys playing football in PE with the boys (just like her mama did ). She loves to sing, dance and write songs that she is always ready to perform. She has a radiant smile and funny sense of humor but if she is tired or hungry you better watch out (she gets this too from her mama :-). Elizabeth has a compassionate heart and is encouraging to her family and friends, and she gives amazing back massages!

My Sam Bam! This sweetie has come so far since we were blessed with him joining our family almost 5 years ago. He is such a brave and resilient young man. He loves being my helper and it has been a blessing to see how the Lord has and continues to work in and through his precious life. While school work does not come as easy for him as most of the others, he works HARD and it pays off. He is an amazing gymnast and athlete. He may be small, but he can throw a ball and catch like crazy and has amazing strength and coordination. He gives amazing hugs and kisses and knows how to make his mom feel loved! His smile melts my heart!

JCP! What an amazing husband and father this boy is going to make one day for some lucky lady! He loves to care for everyone he is around. He is very detail oriented and doesn’t miss a thing. I think he inherited some of my OCD 🙂 He is a rule follower and it drives him crazy when others aren’t. (not to insinuate he doesn’t break rules and get in trouble, but when he does it is devastating to him). He is an amazing student and so far academics have come with ease and he LOVES school and seeing all of his friends! What a blessing this boy is to me!

Still can’t believe another school year has begun! I will miss the laughter, arguments, silliness and helpfulness that comes with everyone at home. Until that bell rings at 3:00 and they climb in my taxi I will stay busy with these two little rascals. Their faces say all you need to know about them :-0)


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