>Bad Blogger…time to catch up


Christmas….has it really been that long since I blogged anything about my family!
Throughout the day I think of all the funny things I want to share and all the serious things that burden my heart but once the kids are in bed and I get things cleaned up and ready for the next day, I’m to brain dead and too tired to have a clear thought 🙂 Let me try to catch you up on
what we’ve been up to:
Sarah Kathryn turned SIXTEEN (16) ! So far she’s had two “accidents”. Fortunately both have been in our driveway 🙂 The first only involved the side mirror. The second, however, involved the back half of her passenger side as she somehow manages hit out brick colums and continue driving. While she would say she hasn’t had a “wreck”, one look at her car tells a different story. Thankfully neither affect driving, so she will be driving around in a dented car for a while.

We spent a relaxing time at the beach celebrating the new year with our sweet friends, the Cox’s

Then my precious Elizabeth celebrated her 9th birthday with a few friends. We had a fun night bowling and then staying up late watching their dance performances. I have to share my funny story that still makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it (although it will probably not be funny reading it, but trust me, it was hysterical at the time). Saturday morning when the kids woke up I made pancakes and we were enjoying a lazy morning, moving slow, and watching more performances and videoing them. Time slipped away from me and I was still in my PJ’s when the first mom arrived. Cole went to the door and I crawled behind the couch and into my room to safety and to begin getting dressed. Zoe came running into my bedroom laughing hysterically. She told me while everyone was visiting at the front door, Jon Cole announced “My mom is hiding from you.” I was mortified. Then from my bedroom we hear him again…louder this time, “My mom is hiding from you!” I kept waiting for him to expand or for Cole to step in and explain why I wasn’t coming to the door….but nothing! Now if you know Jon Cole you know he is very detail oriented and mildly OCD like me and he is always going to give honest answers so it really wasn’t shocking that he said this, but what I tried to explain to him was how I wish he would have EXPANDED on this true statement and explained that I was still in my PJ’s and not just hiding from her :-0) Thankful for such fun memories!

We enjoyed some beautiful Spring like days at the park
and then an unexpected snow

Eli enjoyed his Baby Be Blessed Doll

We had fun at the Children’s Hospital Rodeo

We spent Spring break here

Samuel celebrated his 8th birthday with a few friends bowling and having a spend the night party….whats a few more around here anyway 🙂

Then we began Easter celebrations! Emme’s entire Mother’s Morning Out class will fit in our van so we picked them up and headed to our house for their Easter party.

Emme had talked about all her friend coming over for a month an was so excited. When they arrived we told them to sit on the porch steps to take photos and give them egg hunt instructions. I grabbed her precious basket with a bunny made on it and brought it outside…..and he melt down began! She wanted the $1 purple plastic basket from Wal-Mart! That was one battle I cared nothing about, so I quickly grabbed her purple basket but she could not recover. No smile for any photos and after most eggs had been found she finally allowed her teacher to help her find a few. Seriously….all she talked about for an entire month was destroyed over a bunny basket. I can not imagine what the teen years are going to be like with this hormonal one! SCARY!

We dyed tons of eggs…


After church we headed to the farm and had a wonderful day eating, hunting eggs, visiting with family we don’t get to see very often and did I say eating!?!

Then my Emme turned 4!

The kids (with the exception of SK) got out of school early that day due to testing so we all spent a beautiful afternoon at the zoo!

We had the family over for a little party to celebrate Emme’s birthday and the kids enjoys the beautiful day with a little water fun!

Zoe has been enjoying Streaks soccer

and soccer is the reason SK misses out on a lot of photo’s but she loves playing and her team will be in Mobile this week for the first round of state play offs. GO TRINITY WILDCATS!

Phew…..I think we’re caught up now! I’m thankful for this rainy, severe weather day that cancelled soccer games and allowed me to stay inside and to have some computer time. I’ll try to do better, I promise!
Here are a few random favorite and even if I’m not blogging much I do at least try to post photos HERE!


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