>Happy Birthday Zoe!


We celebrated Zoe’s 11th birthday with friends from school at the ice rink! This year Zoe transferred to Trinity with the rest of her brothers and sisters!  It’s so nice having them all together and knowing that she is not only being taught academically, but more importantly, spiritually!  I spent a lot of time in prayer trying to determine if that would be the best fit for her.  Trinity is not very diverse in make up, but we are quickly helping to change that 🙂  I was fearful of how Zoe might be treated and if she was academically prepared for a college prep curriculum after only attending school for 3 1/2 years.  Once again the Lord has been merciful to us and she is right where she needs to be!  The other students, teachers and staff have all welcomed her with open arms!  This is joy to my soul!  It was such a blessing to hear the other moms talk about the things their children say about Zoe.  What stood out most is that none of their comments had anything to do with skin color, it involved her personality, her smile, her kick ball abilities 🙂  etc.  I know that 4th grade can be a tough grade socially and I am rejoicing in the class that she has joined and their loving and embracing hearts and how they have all ministered to us and been a blessing to our family.  
Thank you Lord for the gift you have given me, our family and our community, in Zoe!  It has been both amazing and a joy to watch her grow and mature in so many ways.  I wish I could claim some responsibility for it, but you alone Lord receive ALL glory!  Thank you for taking us down a road that we never planned and for not allowing our fears of all the unknowns to prevent us from missing out on all the joy that we have been given in this precious child of yours!  Thank you for allowing me to be her mom!  I continue to be greatly blessed!


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