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Today I’m advocating for precious Saul!  I LOVE this little boy and I’m praying his family claims him soon before I talk Cole into number 8!  When we did not think Eli’s adoption was going to happen we began looking internationally again and we were drawn to two precious boys.  Saul in Hong Kong and Ezequiel in the Philippines.  I am so happy to find out that Ezequiel has a family committed to him, but sweet Saul still waits.  While we waited to see if Hong Kong would approve us, Eli’s adoption began to look like it was going to happen again, so we held off.  At that time he was only able to be adopted from 2 stated which was very limiting, but his agency contacted me last week to inform me that he can now be adopted from ANY state!!! Hong Kong has low costs (as far as adoptions go) and travel is not required.  Look at that beautiful smile!!!  Is he your son?!?!?!  Praying for my sweet Saul and the lucky family that will get to call him son!


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