>I leave tomorrow to bring my baby boy home!

It has been a long and windy road filed with many pot holes and detours, but it seems we have almost reached our final destination! I fly out tomorrow to Oklahoma and will have my sweet baby boy on Thursday! The kids are beyond excited but are disappointed that they cannot come along. When we thought we were taking custody in February in Nashville, we were all going together as a family. However, now he is in Oklahoma and at $700 a plane ticket, I will be going alone. Please pray for traveling mercies and that we will bond quickly together as a family! Please also remember his birth mother as she deals with all the emotions involved with placing him, especially after parenting him alone for 6 months. This has been as painful for her as it has been for us the past few months. She has been ready to place him for 4 months now and was adamant that he had to be placed before Mother’s Day. Only the Lord can heal and restore her heart, so please cover her in prayer! Thank you all for walking this road with us and covering us with prayer and your precious words of support!


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