>Elijah (Eli) James Portis

>Sweet Home Alabama!

What a precious blessing we have been given! Other than some constipation issues Eli has been such a happy boy and a complete joy! His smile lights up the room! He is sleeping through the night and we are working on a daytime schedule, but he just seems to go with the flow. He did great on the plane ride home. We played and he slept and he never cried. I’m sure the people sitting next to us were not excited when they saw I had a lap baby, but he was perfect! After landing in Birmingham we immediately went to Cole’s office for his first visit and to trade out cars for carpool. We then stopped by Trinity so Elizabeth could show him to her class for show and tell. She glowed when they called her to the office and she was jumping down the hall! Next stop was Zoe’s school, but I didn’t get a photo becaues we were running late for carpool to pick up Skip. We then came home and Eli met his brothers and Emme. They all adore him! Everyone wants to be my helper! It’s amazing how smoothly everything has gone. I keep thinking the honeymoon phase is going to wear off but each morning he greets me with a beautiful smile and life is good! Tomorrow we see the pediatrician to get caught up on his immunizations and in the next few weeks he will have his eye and cardiology appointments and we are waiting to be scheduled for early intervention! He is currently rolling over and he is very alert and has great coordination. His back and neck are weak, but getting stronger each day. I cannot wait to watch him excell! He has a house full of cheerleaders to cheer him on! We love you precous Eli and we are so thankful the Lord blessed us with you!


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