>Beach Bums


We are at the beach having a wonderful time! I have poor internet service here so there probably won’t be many posts for the next week. I have uploaded all of our pictures so far and you can see them by clicking here.

Eli is doing great on his first beach trip. Every time I take him to the beach and lay him on the towel he sleeps, and sleeps and sleeps! He hasn’t gotten in the water yet, but I plan on taking him for his first swim soon.

Aunt Kim came down with us on Friday and we all enjoyed spending time with her. She has been working too much lately and we are excited about seeing her more this summer! Kim and Zoe went back Monday afernoon because Zoe is not out of school until Thursday and she did not want to miss a single day since these will be her last at Halcyon. She will be at Trinity next year with her brothers and sisters. While she is excited about that, she is also sad to leave Halcyon. She has LOVED it there and has made some precious friends and the staff has been amazing. They have been a blessing to us all.

Cole headed back Tuesday Morning and SK and I have been trying to hold down the hatches until my mom and dad come tonight 🙂 No one wants to stay in one place very long..beach…pool…bathroom….bike ride…hungry……tired…..I need one person camped out at the beach, pool and house to cover each zone. We will have enough help in a matter of hours and then life will be much easier.

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to summer with your families and enjoy every minute! Here are a few of my favorite photos so far….


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