>Emme is 3….hopefully that means the end of the "terrible 2’s"


Where has the time gone?  I can’t believe my baby is 3!  It seems like only yesterday when they placed you in my arms in Ethiopia!  You were so long and thin and looked so different from your referral photos!  Little did we know, it was because you WERE a different child…  Yet, the child God intended for our family!  Our referred “Emmy” lives with her family in Colorado and is described by her father as “pretty quiet and wanders around by herself alot.” Cole and I just had to laugh.  Our Emme is the complete opposite!  If Emme is ever quiet, you better find her quickly because that is a sure sign she is into something she shouldn’t be, and we never want her to be alone…a sure guarantee I have a mess to clean up:-)  Emme has a HUGE personality and it is either black or white with her, no in between.  Her good is amazing, but her bad is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and she can go from one to the other and back in the blink of an eye.  She has the most outgoing and engaging personality.  Her sense of humor is halarious and she is so expressive.  She never meets a stranger and she never walks anywhere, only runs or skips.  She enjoys crafts, can ride her RAZOR scooter like you can’t believe, loves dancing and singing (because she’s gonna be a Cheatah Girl when she grows up), she can be very compassionate and tender hearted, she gives the best kisses (especially butterfly and under the neck) and she adores her brothers and sisters! She is VERY strong willed and has by far required the most discipline of all our children (thus far), but I can see God softening her heart and convicting her of her sinfulness.  As we have been discussing Easter and all that it represents she has really listened and has comprehended as much as a 3 year old can.  She made a craft last week at AWANA with the three crosses and she keeps telling us how Jesus died on that cross for us and that He’s not in “that tomb”, HE”S ALIVE!  Every time we discuss Jesus being alive she begins to bury her head in my neck, afraid.  We told her it was good to fear the Lord! As I think of my actions, thoughts, words and think of my Lord being alive and with me at all times…it makes me want to bury my head too!  We are growing and learning together and I am blessed to be your mom, my special girl! I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile every morning and trying to keep up with your happy feet as you dance through each day! 

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