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We’ll, there isn’t much to update ūüôĀ ¬†After we returned from Spring Break I checked in with the attorney from Oklahoma who is a family friend of the birth mother, and she said she needed to check in with Kelly and that she would get back with us in a few days. ¬†Two weeks later…. we still haven’t heard from her. ¬†We expressed over and over that we are fine with what ever the situation is (she has decided to parent, she chose another adoptive family, she’s still trying to get the birth father to sign, etc) we just want to be told the truth so that we can either prepare or move on emotionally. ¬†I’m disappointed in her lack of professionalism, since SHE is the one who contacted US. ¬†We are confident that the Lord will use the crazy events of the last few months for His glory. ¬†At the very least He allowed us to meet this precious boy and his mother and sister to cover them in prayer. ¬†We may never know anything more about him or his future, but he will remain in our prayers. ¬†His photo’s will remain on our bulletin board and we will pray that he is being loved and cared for wherever he is! ¬†We want nothing but the best for all of them and I pray that Kelly will get out of the maniplative relationship and that she will heal emotionally and be restored with her family for support. ¬†
The baby bed will remain up, the baby boy clothes will stay on the clothing rack and diapers will stay on the changing station. I am confident the Lord has used this to prepare us for something else. ¬†I sent in our profile this week for a baby boy due in August with Down Syndrome. ¬†The next day I got excited when I saw the agency’s number on the caller ID, but they were calling about another situation. ¬†There was a baby girl 2 hours old who’s mother had an adoption plan all along, but the baby was born premature at 33 weeks and the adoptive family backed out due to possible effects from being premature. ¬†However, she was breathing on her own and seemed perfectly healthy at a few hours post birth. ¬†My head was spinning as I told her that I would have to talk with Cole since we had not really discussed accepting a “healthy” baby. ¬†Had she called us with any baby with down syndrome I would have been able to say yes in a heart beat without even discussing it with Cole first, but a healthy baby, we needed time to pray and talk. ¬†It took a few hours to hear back from Cole and I had spent that time in prayer and trying to find an adoptive family on some of the web boards I’m on, because I knew that this was not our daughter and Cole felt the same way when we finally talked. ¬†I rejoiced the following morning when she emailed me that they had been able to find a family that was homestudy ready and ready to travel. ¬†So exciting to see God place this precious baby girl with the perfect family for her!
Since we thought our adoption would be finalized in February we didn’t worry about our homestudy expiring, but it does this month, so we have been getting everything together to update it. ¬†Our sweet social worker came by Friday with her son and it should be updated and ready for whatever situations arise in the future. ¬†We are confident that the Lord has placed Down Syndrome on our hearts and we will wait until He reveals who our child is. ¬†Until then I’ll enjoy my other 6 blessings! ¬†


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