>We’re Home! Sorry to be so late in updating


We were able to come home Tuesday afternoon.  She still has her feeding tube and stomach tube attached, in case we need them .  We go to Dr. Vermillion’s clinic on Monday and he may remove one, but more than likely he will wait until after spring break.  She developed a bed sore on her bottom, so that is really painful for her and we are trying to keep her on her side and walking more to help it clear up.  She has still been sleeping a lot.  After a shower or coming down for breakfast, she is worn out.  I’m trying to get some good food and calories in her to give her some  more energy.  Her sweet math teach came by today and went over some of what she has missed with her and hopefully tomorrow we can get her brain exercising some 🙂
We are so thankful to be home and all under one roof again!  Thank you for all of your precious prayers.  They have carried us to this point and we still have a ways to go!  
Please pray that her bed sore will heal quickly, that her stomach will stay free from infection at her incision sites, that she will stay emotionally and mentally strong, that her appetite will increase so that she is getting enough good nutrition and for her to gain more strength and energy each day!


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