>Spring Break


We had a wonderful week together in Deer Valley!  It was nice to have mom and dad with us.  Dad was my ski partner and mom and SK played rummy, read and explored the town together.  I missed having Sarah Kathryn on the slopes with me, but I’m thankful that she was able to travel with us and by next year she should be back on the slopes with us.  
This was Zoe’s first time skiing and she did great!  Her form was not as good as Elizabeths, but her speed was.  I didn’t know you could go downhill that fast in a snow plow.  Zoe’s balance and leg strength was amazing to watch.  
The boys went to ski school for the first three days and then took a day off and spend the day in the room with Nana and they were still in their PJ’s when I came in from skiing.  Talk about a vacation!  Samuel had developed a cough that was scareing us some, so with a little nudging he stayed home the last day as well.  I skiied with the girls on day 4 and on day 5 dad and I skied together in the morning and picked the kids up from ski school at lunch to spend our last day skiing toether.  On our first blue run together I skiied down below the kids and told Jon Cole to ski past me so I could video him.  Well, he skiied past me all right, but he didn’t stop. Thankfully one of our fast skiing companions caught up to him as I packed my camera away.  After that I decided to let the girls ski with dad and Jon Cole and I spent the day togeher on the green slopes.  You can view our photos from the trip and video of the kids skiing by clicking here.


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