>Tuesday Morning Update


Sorry for not updating yesterday.  I stayed Monday night and was just busy with the other kids.
Yesterday she continued to walk some.  They wanted to take the cath out but she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get to the restroom so they let her keep it another day.  Yesterday afternoon they clamped off the tube in her nose that drains the stuff from her stomach, and if she didn’t get sick they were going to remove that tube today.  She did fine yesterday afternoon and last night but this morning they gave her a shot in her stomach to prevent blood clots and soon after she vomited.  It was very painful, so she begged them to turn back on the suction from her nose/stomach.  
She walked the halls again this morning and then right as I was leaving, about 12:30, they removed her cath. because they don’t want to risk her getting a bladder infection.  She said it wasn’t too painful, so hopefully she will not have trouble getting to the restroom.   
We continue her breathing exercises and they want to remove the tube in her nose tomorrow in hopes of avoiding infection, so pray there is no more vomiting.  If the tube is removed she will be able to have some water.  She really wants to be able to drink something.  As you can imagine, her mouth is very dry and feels yucky, not to mention the tube running down.  
I will be back there this evening and will stay the night, so I will post another update then.
Thank you all for your emails, calls, cards, balloons, food, flowers…….. Her room looks VERY festive!  She feels very loved and knows she is being covered in prayer!  Please don’t stop!  She is making baby steps in the right direction on a long road to recovery!  Thanks for traveling it with us!
She has enjoyed having visitors and seeing some new faces 🙂  Please don’t be offended if she doesn’t talk or falls asleep while you are there.  She sleeps on and off for most of the day and really doesn’t feel like talking, but it means the world to her just to see your face and know that you are thinking of her and praying for her.  


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