>Thursday night


This has been SK’s best day yet!  Nana spent the night with SK but they didn’t get much sleep because her monitors kept going off all night for no reason.  She has walked the halls several times today and they even took her outside in a wheelchair to get some fresh air.  She REALLY enjoyed that.  Yesterday she had her first breakdown.  It’s hard going from being an active 15 year old to stareing at these same four walls all day and watching tv and wanting to take a shower and REALLY wash your hair (not just with no-rinse shampoo).  One day on the couch in front of the tv is fine but a week and in the same room gets very old.  Today she felt good enough to do a crossword puzzle and color some, so hopefully we can keep her occupied with more things as she begins to feel better.  This evening they brought her juice, broth, jello and a popsicle.  Tomorrow they will clamp off her other suction tube from her stomach and see if she
can tolerate it without getting sick.  If she can, then that will be removed as well.  She continues to be such a trooper and each day we are closer to coming home!  We think she will go home the middle of next week if she continues to progress at this rate!
Sorry for the short post. I’m exhausted and hope we both can get some sleep tonight. 


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