>SKIP update


I spent the night with SK in ICU and sent Cole home to get some sleep since he had been up for 40 hours.  SK was able to rest well throughout the night and did not seem to be in much pain.  She has her own button that she pushes that allows her to administer her own pain medicine, within a range that they have pre-set.  The nurse came in early this morning and told us that her goal for the day was to move around some.  She wanted her sitting on the bed and moving to the chair and blowing 10X an hour in the barometer that measures her inhalation.  We have been blessed with the most wonderful nurses in the ICU.  You can tell they are there because they love what they do and not just for a paycheck, like we experienced with Samuel at UAB.  So we are very happy in ICU and hope to stay here as long as possible.  They came to help move her to the chair and give her a sponge bath.  Cole and I stepped out during that time because it was so crowded in the room and they knew the best way to help her.  When we returned she was sitting up in the chair and said that it had not been too painful.  Around lunch I left to come home and spend some time with the other kids and get a shower.  Cole said Dr. Vermillion came by (on his weekend off) and explained the surgery to SK and just visited.  We will probably remain in ICU until Monday, when he will be back at the hospital.  We have been so impressed with how SKIP has handled this.  She is such a fighter.  I’m sure we will have tougher days ahead, as we are all still in disbelief that this is our reality.  There is no doubt why she is doing as well as she is, because she is being bathed in prayer.  Please keep them coming because we all have a long road to recovery ahead.  Please pray that we will continue to have such wonderful and caring nurses, that she will heal quickly, that 
there will be no infections, no pneumonia, and for emotional healing for SK.  Once again your prayers and words of encouragement have sustained us and we are so thankful for each of you.  


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