>Saturday Update


Last night and this morning SK got to spend a good bit of time in the hallway due to tornado warnings, but thankfully nothing came too close.  Yesterday they ended up opening the stomach suction again because SK started feeling bad.  They clamped it again this morning and as long as she doesn’t get sick tonight, it should be removed tomorrow, and possibly her feeding tube as well.  She was FINALLY able to take a shower this morning!!! That made her feel so much better.  I cannot imagine not having my hair washed for 10 days… yuck!  She was able to have ice cream today and she really enjoyed that as well. She enjoyed beating Cole in Rummy this morning and Jon Cole in Connect 4 this afternoon.  Her competitive spirit is still there, even with her 6 year old brother 🙂  She really looked good today and was enjoying all of her sweet gifts (flowers, games, blanket, neck pillows, cards, books…) Thank you for your continued prayers and visits.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer.  We hope she will be home by the middle of this week.  We are not yet sure what our home routine will be, but we look forward to being free from the hospital!  
Here are a few photos from today.  The first is of her scar after they removed her 20 plus staples.  Cole thinks it’s about 10 inches long.  I couldn’t bring myself to look so I had to get him to take a picture.  Her soccer team made her a sweet poster that they all signed and then took a picture holding and Mrs. Long made them into posters for her room.  We have all enjoyed seeing their beautiful faces.  JC and Samuel’s kindergarten classes also made her a beautiful banner that has been hanging in her room.  Then some photos with Jon Cole and Bebbie and Papa.
Aunt Vicki came from Birmingham tonight and is going to spend the night tonight.  I will take the morning shift so Cole can teach Sunday School.  We are so thankful for all our family and friends who have cleared their schedules to help us be by her side 24/7.  We could not have done it without you!  
Many thanks and blessings!


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