>Surgery Update


We arrived at 5:15 this morning.  Samuel slept for a while and then he wanted to be cuddled because he began getting  anxious.  I hate seeing him so afraid!  We prayed together and he was such a brave boy.  His silent tears rolling down his cheek broke my heart!  I prayed that the Lord would comfort him and ease his anxiety.

  The wonderful doctors and nurses took good care of him and they all wanted to take him home with them.  Around 8 they took him back and I went to the waiting room.  At 9 they called to say they had begun surgery.  Cole arrived about 9:30 and around 10:30 they called to say they were finished and he had done great.  Soon we were taken back to recovery.  He was pretty comatose from the anesthesia.  He could hear me talking to him and could tell me that he wasn’t in pain by shaking his head, but he couldn’t open his eyes.  He kept trying and even reached up to try and open them with his hands, but the drugs had him knocked out.  Eventually he woke up a little more but he kept going back to sleep.  

His oxygen stats were not as high as they waned them to be so we stayed in recover longer than planned.  Eventually they decided to send us on to the room and just keep him on the oxygen there.  After we got to the room we were supposed to be getting ice packs (that never made it to recovery) as well as ointment for his chapped lips.  Well, after 4 hours neither had arrived and his swelling had trippled and he looked like he had a tennis ball in each cheek.  Needless to say I was NOT happy.  I went and found her and she said she was still working on it.  Shortly after the doctor came by to check on us while she happened to be in the room and I told him what all we were still waiting on and she had the nerve to say that she had been trying but we had been keeping her busy with so many other things….. the only thing she had done was bring us a SPRITE!  Cole calmed me down before I strangled her and pointed out her shift ended in 10 minutes so I let it slide.  Within 15 minutes the new charge nurse stopped by and saw the gloves she had stuffed with ice and wrapped in fabric (that took 3 1/2 hours to bring) and said that they had smaller ice packs for that.  Within 10 minutes they were here along with the ointment for his lips.  Lazy nurse had never found the time to request either in over 4 hours!  So I am thankful that we have an attentive nurse for the next 12 hours who cares about his patients.  Unfortunately Samuel has not been able to go to the bathroom yet, so any minute they will be coming to put in a cath. until morning.  I’m still praying he will go before the nurse comes in.  He is hooked up to enough things already!  
Please continue to pray that he heals quickly, that he will not be in too much pain, that the swelling will go down, that he will be able to use the restroom on his own and that he will be under the care of the best nurses and doctors.  
Thank you to everyone helping with my other 5 angels at home.  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow guys!  We miss you and love you!  I know you will all help Samuel recover quickly!
 Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words and scriptures.  Just what this momma needed!  


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