>Cleft Surgery #3


Samuel and I will head to Birmingham early in the morning for pre-op and they will pull at least one tooth to prepare for surgery.  On Wednesday morning Dr. Waite will graft bone from his hip and put it into his gum line.  This will be a painful surgery and he will be on a soft / liquid died for a week or two and will not be able to have any vigorous activities for 6 weeks.  I know this will be hard for him, but hopefully this will be the last surgery needed for his cleft.  I know we have more heart surgeries ahead, but hopefully not anytime soon.
Please pray for him to recover quickly both physically and emoionally.
Please pray for his doctor and that the surgery will be successful.
Please pray for his heart to stay strong and healthy.
Please pray for no infections.
Please pray he responds will to the anesthesia.


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