>Christmas Eve Celebrations

Christmas Eve morning we awoke to a mess in our den. Apparently Bill, our Elf, thought he could have a party since it was his last night with us until next year. The kids helped me clean it up so we could get ready for the rest of the events of the day.
Cole’s dad and his family came over for lunch along with Aunt Vicki and we enjoyed some delicious steaks Cole grilled for us. The kids had a blast playing together and enjoyed their gifts as well:-)
Later that evening Cole headed to his mom’s house for Christmas eve dinner. I stayed home with Emme and Samuel because the Wohlford kids had found out they had RSV earlier in the day. I called my pediatrician and they told me that with Samuel’s heart condition and Emme’s age there was no way we should go. It was not the same but my sweet husband followed instructions and brought me back plenty of photo’s and video footage so I lived in the moment through those. The only positive was that I got to go ahead and get some Christmas morning breakfast cooking done ahead of time.

Once everyone returned home the boys sprinkled their reindeer food in the yard and they all prepared their letters to Santa with cookies and milk. They were all so excited as they giddily got ready and into bed. On their way home from Mama Sarah’s they spotted what they thought was Santa’s sleigh in the air, so they were working fast to get in bed before he passed over. When I went in to kiss the boys good night, Jon Cole was literally sharing with excitement. He asked me if I would open one of his shutters to their bedroom windows so that if he saw Santa he could get up. It was so precious to feel his excitement and it energized me for the long night ahead!

Hope you have been good this year…….

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