>Home from the Hospital and ready for school!

>We were able to leave the hospital around noon.  Samuel had been begging to leave.  He slept well throughout the night, snoring quite loudly in fact.  Between him snoring, my uncomfortable bed for the night and the beeping of his oxygen stat machine going off during the night, I didn’t get much rest and was ready to get out of there myself!  He ate pureed ham and eggs for breakfast and drank enough to satisfy the nurses and after getting our discharge orders and prescriptions, were were outta there.  We stopped my Millbrook and picked up the rest of the kids before heading home, getting Gabby and then Zoe from Mama Sarah’s.  (Many thanks to everyone who helped with the kids and those who offered).  

We had a full night of unpacking, filling out all of the papers Zoe had from her first day of school and getting everyone else ready for their first day ……laying out clothes, packing up backpacks, getting school supplies together, etc.  After we had everyone in bed Cole went to check on the boys and JC was about in tears because Samuel was snoring so loudly he couldn’t go to sleep.  We put JC in our bed until he was asleep and then moved him into his bed.  I woke up about 3 with a sore throat and went in search of a cough drop and went in to check in on the boys….I’m hoping it’s just from surgery and will diminish as he heals, but Samuels snoring is LOUD!  I also notices several seconds of sleep apnea periodically so I’m going to check in with the doctor today about that.  If it doesn’t get any better, we will have to make other sleeping arrangement becauseno one should have to sleep with that, at least until your married 🙂
This morning we were able to get everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door at 7:10.  Samuel said he felt like going and he was excited!  We got everyone to their rooms and I was able to satisfy my picture addiction before heading home.  Everyone went right in, unpacked, smiled for some pictures and then kissed us goodbye with out any tears or “don’t go”.  I’m so thankful that my kids love school and that we have been blessed by schools and teachers that love the Lord!
I pray they have a wonderful year and are blessings to their teachers and friends (and parents too, of course).  I pray for wisdom for their teachers as they teach a room full of precious blessings each day and I pray that I will be the mother/wife my family needs when they get home!  

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