I’m finding it hard to blog this summer with the kids keeping me so busy, but I am uploading pictures on¬†so you can a least see what we’re doing if I’m not writing about it ūüôā

We celebrated the 4th of July at the lake this year and we had a blast. ¬†Last summer we were never able to get in the lake because of the drought and low lake levels. ¬†We decided while¬†we had water ( it is currently dropping quickly….. come on rain) we would enjoy a week or so at the lake and the kids had a great time fishing with papa mike, eating nana’s good food, performing VBS songs for each new visitor, canoeing, power boarding, tubing, riding the banana, knee boarding, and learning to ski. ¬†SK learned to slalom, Elizabeth and Zoe both go up on the ski’s and Jon Cole and Zoe learned to Knee board. ¬†I’m so proud of them for trying so many new things and not being scared. ¬†We have some dare devils on our hands. ¬†Even Emme rode the banana and tube with me…. got to start them early. ¬†
After a few days at home, doing laundry and recovering, we are now at the beach with Cole for a conference. ¬†When we got here my friend Luke, the beach chair¬†guy, told me Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo ¬†had just left days earlier! ¬†While I would have liked to see them in person, I’m glad I didn’t have to lay next to her on the beach ūüôā ¬†I always like to be next to the pregnant woman! ¬†Anyway, he was staying in the house next door to our condo with his friend, and current Head Coach of the Saints, Sean Payton. ¬†When we went down to the¬†beach late yesterday afternoon the coach was playing football (surprise) with his son and a few friends he had met on the beach. ¬†While we all played on the boogie boards Elizabeth went to stand on the sidelines and watch he game. ¬†Eventually they asked her to join and she was thrilled, even though she had no idea who she was playing with. ¬†When I later old her she could¬†still care less, but was disappointed when I told her there were no professional women football players. ¬†She is definitely my daughter. ¬†I always played football with the boys in PE and enjoyed climbing trees and playing in creeks. ¬†While she has a tom boy side, she is also very feminine and loves to¬†dress up, put on make-up and perform.
¬†Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo in Seaside, Florida(this is a picture of Jessica and Tony eating¬†at the Taco Bar in Sea Side, just in case you thought it was me ūüôā ¬†)
Anyway, here are some pictures, I know you probably want to see them more than “hear” my ramblings.¬†

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