>Samuel is 6 !!


It’s hard to believe that my sweet Samuel is 6.  It is such a blessing to be his mom.  His strength amazes me.  He is such a fighter and I look forward to seeing the mighty ways God is going to continue to use him as a testimony for Christ.  It’s a miracle in itself that he was alive when we adopted him at 3 1/2.  His complicated heart condition would have been operated on here in the US shortly after birth.  How he survived with nothing being done is amazing without the issue of the cleft lip/palate complicating feeding and nourishment issues.  I was even more amazed after arriving home and learning the hard way that he had worms and researching them that and found that they attack the liver and heart.   I know who holds Samuel in His hands!  I am thankful for the blessing of being his mom and for God allowing me to grow in my walk and know that every day is in His complete control and while we will continue to seek the best medical care for Samuels heart, I know who the ultimate physician is and who keeps my sons heart beating every day and I am thankful for each and every one I have with him!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET SAMUEL !

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