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March 7-8, 2006

Thank you for the many prayers lifted up for Samuel over the last year. They have been felt by us and heard by our precious Lord!

Once again we are coming home without surgery…..Here is what our last 36 hours have been like.

Yesterday morning I kept the room dark, trying to get Samuel to sleep as late as possible. It worked until about 8:30. He immediately wanted to eat, but seemed to understand that he couldn’t. He could still have water until 10, so that helped. We got ready and headed out to explore to keep his mind off food. At 11:45 we arrived at the hospital. It was 1:45 before they took him from my arms and back for anesthesia. Around 4:30 Dr. Nugent came and discussed the cath. with me. He was very pleased with the results he got, but said the surgeon, Dr. Fraser, would decide the treatment plan. The plan was for us to be in recovery until 7:30 and then go back to the hotel, but his left leg kept bleeding so at 7:30 we knew we had to spend the night, but they didn’t get a room ready for us until after 10 pm. We were tired and I was dying because I couldn’t use a cell phone in the hospital and didn’t have computer access. Finally my mom, in a panic, tracked us down in recovery and I was able to give her the details to pass along.

Dr. Nugent came by at 7am to check the bleeding and said we were fine to go. We were supposed to meet Dr. Frazer at 8 in his office upstairs to discuss his plan and then be done for the day. Our nurse kept waiting on discharge orders and by the time she finally understood Dr. Nugent had given her verbal orders and no written ones were coming, Dr. Frazer was in surgery……SO, instead of going to the childrens museum, as planned, we sat in our hospital room until 5 pm, when Dr. Fraser finally finished with surgery for the day. We were dying of cabin fever. It is very difficult to keep a child entertained in a hospital room all day when he’s not actually sick or recovering.

Dr. Frazer discussed his anatomy with me in detail and explained why SAmuel is a difficult case. There are several different treatment options, none of which are guaranteed to work, and each difficult to predict the outcome. He wants to discuss his case in their team meeting on Monday and call me early next week with his suggested treatment plan. I told him I would be lifting them up in prayer as they discuss all options and come to a conclusion. Please join me in praying for their wisdom.

We will be coming home Thursday!!!

Once again, the rollercoaster continues, but we are enjoying the ride!!!! Your friendship, emails, prayers, and support have and continue to make such a difference. You have each been such a blessing in our lives. 

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