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Sunday, October 2, 2005

We are leaving Changsha, Hunan today!  One more leg of the trip over.  Our bags were picked up from our room at 10 am.  We had to check out at 11, but the bus didn’t leave until 12.  At the airport, Samuel sat and watched the plane for about 45 min.  He seemed to be taking everything in.  When it was time to board, he followed us to his seat.  He sat by the window with SK beside him and me in the isle seat.  Cole sat in the window seat behind us.  Samuel did great until we had to but his seatbelt on for take off.  In China there are no car seats and I don’t think very many use seat belts, if any.  So, needless to say, this was a new concept to him.  He had a fit for about 15 min, but eventually got over it and was great the rest of the flight.  I am dreading the flight home.  Does anyone know if benadryl is dangerous for his heart condition?:)


When we landed our whole group ended up being the last off the plane because the Chinese people push right past you.  They don’t get off the plane by rows, front to back, like we do.  It’s every man for himself.  No respect for women and children.  We eventually deplaned and got our luggage.  Of course, then Samuel began holding himself, so the group had to wait while we found a bathroom.  He goes about every 30 min.  It blows my mind.  Finally we made it to the bus.  The bus was much nicer, so it got our hopes up for this province and our hotel.


When we arrived at the hotel we were pleasantly surprised.  This is the best, by far.  Our hotel even has nice shops in it.  Shopping!!!!!  Our room even met Cole’s approval (it wouldn’t have taken much after the last 2 hotels).  He has been a real trooper.  We haven’t changed rooms once, he has taken it all in stride as part of the experience.  While we were unpacking, Cole put his wallet in the safe in our room.  He set the code, locked it, and shut the safe door.  Samuel then went over and began mashing buttons and the next thing we knew, the safe was open.  Cole & I were in complete shock.  He continues to amaze us, especially with his technical and problem solving skills. We ate dinner in the hotel (pasta!) and then met the group to walk to the market to get groceries.  On the way back Cole spotted an ice cream shop and decided to get dessert.  He is so happy to be here, as am I.  We also have a mall across from the hotel. I doubt we will be buying anything because I didn’t notice any affordable shops, only: Prada, Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc.  We go from nothing, to this.  I’m so glad this is where we get to spend the last days here in China.  I was going stir crazy in Hunan.  There was nothing to do there, except miss home.


Thank you all for the prayers and emails.  We have a great time reading each and every one.  Sorry I haven’t responded individually, but I am usually so tired, I’m doing well just to journal and put the pictures up.  It is 10:30 pm here and everyone is asleep and now I’m going to join them.  Samuel is in the bed with me because he rolled off his cot the last two nights.  Cole gladly volunteered to sleep on the cot, because for some reason the mattress on it is much softer than the bed.  Go figure! Good night, we love you all and miss home very much!

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